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Compound view at Geobajas Hotels in Ijebu Imusin
Compound view at Geobajas Hotels in Ijebu Imusin

Please read to the end before submitting your application!

Attention to detail is important in our line of work.

We are a small hotel located in Ijebu – Imusin looking for smart and reliable individuals to work with us.

Please note that because we are a small business, we thrive on teamwork (with the exception of the gateman/gatewoman), you will be expected to assist in filling in for your colleagues where the other person is unavailable to do so or busy attending to another customers’ request.

We Are Looking for Trainees interested in learning a skill (Examples below) while working with our business as a Receptionist/Bar Man/Bar Lady/Kitchen Cook & getting paid for their work.
  • Content Creator (Writer & Editor)
  • Graphics Designer / Video Editor
  • Managing Social Media for Businesses
  • Translator (Translating Computer Software from one language to the other)
  • Programming Languages (Software or Computer Engineering)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Literacy (Computer Literacy)
  • Others (such as Accounting, Catering, Gardening, Pedicurist, etc; please state the skill you want to learn in your application form below)

We seek serious candidates only; willing to learn, grow and develop themselves on and off the job.

Minimum Requirements

  • One Year Reliable and Responsible Commitment to our business
  • Can read, speak and write fluently in English and or any other language
  • At least 2 hour commitment to learning when on-duty and 4 hours when off-duty (three times a week)
  • A functional smartphone / laptop computer (Optional)
  • You must be willing to teach at least one person the skill you learn while on our job

FAIR WARNING: If you are dishonest, can’t be humble, don’t know how to take to corrections, a cheat and or a liar, do not bother applying, please!

We operate a flat hierarchy organizational structure because we believe in teamwork!

Our Core Values are DOPE.

Discovery – We are creating an environment/community that allows our customers and staff to discover who they are and what they are good at.

Open – We are committed to being open, providing great customer service to our customers, and being accessible to our staff, and willing to support both customers and staff in any positive way possible.

People – We are people minded and operate a down-to-earth business. We believe in & support humanity in any way we can.

Entrust – We work on having our customers trust us to provide a comfortable and safe environment for them to rest, work, or do business in, while we also encourage our staff to trust that we are there for them and will work within our means to ensure their work is rewarding.

Staff Benefits

  • NGN25,000 Salary for the first three full months of Probation
  • NGN30,000 Minimum Wage on Confirmation
  • Salary is reviewed based on performance every six (6) months
  • Comfortable Accommodation is provided to responsible Staff
  • Staff Kitchen Gas is provided Every 3 Months
  • One Full Body Massage for each staff Every 3 Months
  • Minimal Raw Food Items (limited to Garri & Rice) are provided Every 3 Months
  • First Aid box is available to all through your shift lead
  • One meal is provided after cleanup Every Saturday
  • Staff birthday celebration with drinks for all staff and a birthday cake
  • Access to use the Staff Computer for learning, development & submission of your reports
  • Free WiFi is provided to all staff for submitting reports, learning, development & keeping in touch with family & friends
  • Staff meal is provided once a week after compound cleanup (Staff contribute for feeding other days of the week)
  • Beta Health insurance for GTBank account holders only
  • Security Deposit: 8% deducted from Salary every month after the probationary period is over (Paid back to Staff every December)
  • Year-Ending (December) bonus / annual service charge regardless of employment date

We operate a one-day on, one-day off shift rotation!

In the blank box (under the “More About You” section) on the application form, tell us your favourite quality in a person!

Current Vacancies

  • Receptionist / Bar Man / Bar Lady
  • Gate Man / Woman
  • Hotel Cook / Baker (Male or Female)
  • Cleaner (Male or Female)
  • In-House Masseuse (on a Partnership Basis, we provide equipment & space for a 70% (you) and 30% (us) sharing formula)
  • Gym Coordinator (on a Partnership Basis, as agreed, rent can be per year or on trade by barter service or sharing formula)
  • Gardener / Horticulturist (on a Partnership Basis, as agreed, rent can be per year or on trade by barter service or sharing formula)

Job Description (Receptionist / Bar Man / Lady)

  • Attend to customer inquiries about the hotel
  • Assist in the kitchen when required
  • Receive reception phone calls in a lively and appropriate manner
  • Check-in and out customers who book rooms via the pos system and issue receipts
  • Keep the reception area clean, and free of cobwebs, and water the plants in the reception area every day
  • Sell drinks to customers and guests & ensure there is always stock available to sell
  • All items sold must be entered into the computer and receipts issued to customers
  • Submit shift reports, balance your sales and handover appropriately at the end of your shift

Job Description (Security / Gate Man)

  • Keep the gatehouse and area (in & out) clean daily
  • Welcome and greet every incoming guest into the hotel
  • Ensure all security lights are off in the day-time
  • Turn on the generator when needed/requested
  • Issue a gate pass to every vehicle who drives into the compound and retrieve the gate pass when drive out
  • Keep an up-to-date written record of all cars that drive in and out of the premises

Job Description (Hotel Cook / Baker)

  • Keep the kitchen and restaurant area clean at all times
  • Welcome and greet every incoming guest into the restaurant / bar
  • Create menus, recipes, and food costing for the hotel kitchen when required
  • Bake bread, pastries and make small chops regularly
  • Prepare and adequately present African & International cuisines for our customers
  • Assist in the reception or bar where the receptionist is busy attending to a customer or not on seat
  • Submit shift reports, balance your sales and handover appropriately at the end of your shift

Job location is in Ijebu-Imusin in Ogun State, Nigeria: We are on google maps here: https://g.page/GeobajasHotel?share

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