Co-Housing Membership

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  • Safe, Serene & Secure
  • Automatic Club Membership
  • Unrestricted Access to Premium Lounge (Coming Soon)
  • Unrestricted Access to Co-Work Hub (Coming Soon)
  • Access to Starlink WiFi
  • Unrestricted Access to Self-Service Laundry
  • 5% Discount on all Meals, Drinks & Wellness Services (drinks & beverages, and restaurant & massage services) only if you pay online via your account on our website, the discount code is automatically applied
  • Solar Inverter Electricity during the Day & Guaranteed 7 pm – 7 am Electricity
  • Air Conditioners work anytime government-provided electricity is on
  • Solar Water Heaters (coming soon)

Please confirm the availability of room booking (call 0814-211-4875 or WhatsApp +234 901 700 5267) before placing an order, thank you.

We reserve the right to revoke your membership and issue a 95% refund (5% non-refundable admin charges) if we are unable to verify your identity and information!


  • 30 Nights Stay
  • You will be the first to know about any planned special offers, giveaways, or shows.
  • Valid work or government-issued ID would be required when filling out our booking form.
  • This fee is valid for one month only! We reserve the right to issue a refund minus 5% admin charges if we cannot verify your identity or information.


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